Company incorporation

Witnessed the birth of the company. North Assurance was licensed in November 1973 by a presidential decree number 6394 as a Lebanese joint stock company, to perform all classes of insurance business in life, non-life and reinsurance.

1975 - 1978

Launch of the operations

With a sharp vision of the founder, North Assurance started its operations in the Lebanese market, with the aid of highly qualified and experienced specialists in the insurance industry.

1979 - 1990

North Assurance during the Lebanese Civil War

North Assurance succeeded in its thrive during the difficult years of the Lebanese conflict. The company was renowned for its uninterrupted and continuous servicing of its clients, achieved through introduction of innovative systems & adequate technical reserving throughout the war years.

1991 till Today

Years of growth

Stability in Lebanon and the end of violence mark the growth of North Assurance portfolio client’s base and professional staff.


First Lebanese Bancassurance product

North Assurance launched one of the first Lebanese bancassurance product with one of the leading Lebanese banks for Auto, home and Personal loans.


First Lebanese Credit Insurance product

North Assurance launched the first Credit Insurance product jointly with several leading Lebanese banks.


New management offices

With the beginning of the new millennium, North Assurance move to their new high-tech innovative management offices at Freeway tower in Sin El-Fil.

2001 till Today

Growth and profitability

North Assurance witnessed a steady healthy growth while increasing the Company profitability and reserves as well as opening a new branch in Beirut.



North Assurance launched an innovative medical product under “Northmed” name to cater for low budget clients.


Travel Insurance

North Assurance launched one of the leading Travel insurance in Lebanon offering the highest coverage and benefits.


Automotive Paint and Repair Center

North Assurance launched an advanced Automotive Paint and Repair Center in Zouk Mosbeh area which has a complete modern car repair shop including best quality painting for their motor All-Risk insurance policies clients.


First North Assurance Motor Claim Center

North Assurance launched its first Motor Claim Center adjacent to the Automotive Paint and Repair center in Zouk Mosbeh to serve their motor All-Risk insurance policies clients swiftly. A one-stop shop concept.


Automotive Spare Parts Company

North Assurance launched a new division for automotive parts in Zouk Mosbeh area to service their motor All-Risk insurance policies clients as well as its automotive paint, repair and spare parts center.


Second Motor Claim Center and Automotive Paint and Repair Center in Beirut (opening soon)

North Assurance launched its second Motor Claim Center and Automotive Paint and Repair Center in Beirut area to service their clients in the Lebanese capital.